What kind of ingredients do you use?

Without exception, our food is made using only human grade, USDA approved ingredients. We source our produce, poultry, beef and many more ingredients when available from local Arizona farms and suppliers, including Gold Canyon Beef Co. and Regal Crest Farms. All ingredients are listed on our meal pages. Our cooking procedure utilizes low heat to ensure maximum nutritional value.

How do you customize meals specifically for my dog?

We’ve partnered with a Board Certified Canine Nutritionist to develop a proprietary formula which is customized for you based on the criteria you provide in our questionnaire. We also offer several different meal types all perfectly balanced using real food.

Can I prepare meals myself, in my own home?

Yes, but studies show that over 90% of home cooked dog plans lack the proper nutrients essential to a healthy pet. There are serious risks if you feed your pets food that hasn’t been properly balanced. The good news? Meals for Fido can provide healthy recipes, created by Chef Alan and formulated by a Canine Nutritionist, with our pre-mixed vitamin and nutrient packs.

How are your meals prepared?

Using only 100% USDA approved food ingredients we prepare our unique recipes slowly over low heat to retain essential nutrients. We then packed and quickly freeze for delivery. Your pet’s meals will never sit around on a shelf for months at a time.

How much does a customized meal plan cost?

All dogs are unique. Our plans are based on several factors including weight, age, activity levels and more. Once you fill out our questionnaire, we will provide you with the perfect solution for your dog. Our meals are not mass produced or sold in big box stores so all of our efforts go to ensuring superior quality from us to you.

How do I feed Meals for Fido to my dog?

We’ll provide an easy to follow feeding guide in your first order for your furry family member. This guide contains information about how to store, how much to feed and our ten day transition guide. Your meals are delivered fully cooked, you can serve them cold or warmed up, whatever your doggie enjoys.

Do I need to check with my Vet before switching over to a Meals For Fido plan?

We encourage you to share all feeding practices with your vet. They will be glad to know you are giving your dog real, human grade food that is properly balanced by a Canine Nutritionist. If your dog is relatively healthy and doesn’t require prescription food, they will do well with or without a consultation from your vet.

How do your deliveries work?

Our fresh, custom meal plans are delivered by us personally direct to your doggie door. We tailor plans to your needs and ensure you never run out of food. You’re busy, let us make your life easier and your pet healthy and happier. See our delivery information.

How does your Subscribe + Save service work?

Once you've created an account and are ready to select your yummy meals, you can choose one of four Subscribe + Save options.

Send every 1 week, Send every two weeks, Send every four weeks and Send every five weeks. All Subscribe + Save orders receive an automatic 10% OFF your entire subscription order.

Can I skip a delivery if I'm traveling or have too much food?

Can I change the freaquency of my deliveries after my initial order?

How do I update my subscription?

How do I login and manage my subscription on your website?

How do I update my credit card information?

What can I expect after switching?

Transitioning your pup to a balanced, real food diet usually takes about 5-10 days. Think of it more as a detox, there’s no need to rush, we’ll also provide a detailed transitioning guide. Once your dog has acclimated to Meals for Fido you’ll likely notice significant improvements in their energy level, a healthy soft shiny coat and a well formed poop! Your dogs stool should be smaller and less frequent, firm and void of any offensive odor. Check Your Dog’s Poop, it’s what a good pet parent would do!

How long will my food stay fresh after delivery?

Upon delivery, you’ll want to store your yummy food in the freezer. We recommend thawing your food in the refrigerator (it typically takes one day). Once thawed, your food will stay fresh for 5 days unopened and 3 days opened, in the refrigerator. 

We only use the highest quality proteins and veggies in our dog food. We never use rendered proteins, chemicals, preservatives, emulsifiers, artificial colors, flavor enhancers or extra fats. We live by the rule that if you can't pronounce it or eat it yourself it shouldn't be in your pets food.