Water Tips For Your Dog's Health In The Hot Arizona Summer.

Water Tips For Your Dog's Health In The Hot Arizona Summer.

Wash Your Their Water Bowls Often.

Your dog's water bowl has previously been identified as the fourth most contaminated item within the household. Bacteria including E.coli, Salmonella and MRSA have been discovered. Make sure you are properly cleaning pet bowls to prevent germs from taking over and making your pet sick. Dirty water bowls might be especially unappealing to your pup, even if germs are not visible they can cause odors that your pup’s nose can detect even before you do. You should wash all bowls with warm soapy water daily. Remember to rinse well too, soap odor can cause the water in the dish to smell unappealing to dogs.

Stainless steel bowls are the #1 choice of vets because they are so easy to clean and sanitize. Stainless steel bowls are also the most durable. Look for bowls with a rubber coating on the bottom to help prevent sliding.

Feed Hydrating Treats.

If you’re dog doesn’t seem to be drinking much water try some hydrating food. Watermelon and fresh fruit are always good choices. You could also try making recipes from our pupsicle blog. While you still want your pup to drink water these will help with hydration in our HOT Arizona months and they’re fun to make!

Always Provide a Fresh, Full Supply Of Water.

Your dog will want a bowl that holds enough water for a day. Leave the water bowl where it's easily accessible, or provide another bowl around the house just in case one they spill one when you're not home. 

Sometimes, It's Just Too Hot!

If it’s too hot for you it’s too hot for your dog, including walks. Sometimes it’s best spent indoors by an air conditioner. Those are the best days to watch a good movie and chill with your furry family member. 

Identifying The Signs Of Dehydration. 

Dehydration in dogs can be identified quickly, below are the signs to look for. 

Check Your Dog's Gums - Feel weather they're sticky and dry or moist, also check for capillary refill. Press firmly and release on your dog's gums you'll notice with a well hydrated dog their mouth will be moist and their gums will respond to your touch by turning white then back to a normal pink color almost immediately. In a dehydrated dog their mouth will be dry, sticky and capilary refill will take much longer.

Sunken Eyes - This is due to a chemical imbalance causing lethargy and sleepiness. 

Repeated Thirst - Caused by a dry mouth, this is an attempt by your dog to rehydrate. 

Loose Skin - Another symptom of dehydration is loss of elasticity of your family members skin.

Loss of Appetite - Eating less than usual is the most common sign of dehydration in dogs.

Diarrhea and Vomiting - Can be the most serious sign, excessive loss of fluids is dangerous for your family member.